Inox Elevator


There are several models of travelator from WELLS brand from 0-12 degree, available for consumer's choices. They are widely used in all public places, such as market, stations, doors, airports, shopping malls, entertainment canters, exhibition building etc., adding remarkable and beautiful moving scenery for your builing. The advanced technologies and design and design ideas in the world are adopted in the products, which can not only transport a large number of passengers but also deliver fougons, baby carriages, shopping carts, wheelchairs, etc. making people feel walking on the flat ground, greatly facilitating people's travel and shopping. With our exquisite structure, superior stairs, fine padrail ways and elegant uniquely-designed forms. WELLS products contribute a lot to the prosperity of the world moving.

Travelator Design

Main Specification

Installation place Indoor/semi-outdoor/outdoor
Transit/running time 24 hours per day
Rise height 1.0-15m
Inclination 10°/11°/12°
Step width 800/1000mm
Upside curvature radius of escalator steps 3500mm
Speed 0.5m/s
Delivery capacity 6750/9000 persons per hour
Power supply three phases current 380V/50HZ
Lighting power Single phases current 220V/50HZ

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